Museo Gucci

To commemorate Gucci’s 90th anniversary, the brand commissioned a museum dedicated to its history.

Museo exterior with projection mapped facade

The fashion museum is housed in a 14th century building on the historic Piazza della Signoria and features a permanent gallery, bookstore, cafe and archive. A continuous metal frame passes from one room to another to produce a series of glass cases that guide visitors through Gucci collections of past decades. The frame creates a spatial narrative that weaves through the ill-proportioned spaces of the palazzo, tracing the history of the brand through its iconography, floral patterns, fashion, and ubiquitous logo. The museum’s location places the legacy of the fashion house within the Renaissance history of Florence, and ultimately bridges the divide between the city’s beatific Renaissance art and its modern commerce.

Entry to Cafe & Shop from Piazza della Signoria

“It is a mighty task to create a face off between Gucci products, from a ritzy picnic hamper to bicycle bag, and some of the world's greatest treasures.”

—Suzy Menkes, New York Times, Sept. 27, 2012