Totems are a series of small, geometric objects that communicate information between user and computer. Unlike the typically complex devices of today, each Totem only performs one, simple task.

The first prototypes are focused on weather and time. The Weather Totem uses light patterns and color to communicate the day’s weather forecast relative to your personal temperature preferences. The day’s weather forecast, collected from an online weather service, is displayed as light. Sun, rain, clouds and snow each produce a distinct light condition. A series of light describes the temperature in relation to an ideal set by the user.

The Time Totem uses light, color, and movement to communicate your daily calendar. The Totem syncs with your personal device’s calendar; appointments appear as bright blocks of light and color. As time passes, levels of color and brightness shift up the Totem. Here, the passage of time is personalized and attuned to the specifics of your schedule rather than the absolutes of a clock.

Totems are an effort to develop a more effective means of receiving and processing information that is not reliant on screens.

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