Google Cultural Institute

The Google Cultural Institute places the world’s digital cultural assets in a physical environment, and explores how technology can transform art appreciation and curation.

Cultural Institute is a tool for curators, technologists and creative communities.

The Cultural Institute serves as a common platform for museums to amass their digitized collections and bring the world’s cultural heritage online. The accessibility of Google’s digital assets allows anyone, anywhere to become a curator and create shareable, virtual exhibitions. Google Cultural Institute works as a tool for curators, allowing curators to more quickly and efficiently find and research artworks. Artworks can be examined in impossibly close detail using gigapixel zoom technology, allowing viewers to gain a new perspective on old favorites.

In addition to sharing digitized collections with a global audience, the Cultural Institute is a physical space where tech and creative communities can converge and share new ideas. The Lab at the Google Cultural Institute is the environment in which Google Cardboard was conceptualized, and artists-in residence have a dedicated space in which to develop digital creative code.

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“This, after all, is what museums do best; they slow us down, bringing us into communion with the things we’re looking at.”

—Alexandra Schwartz, The New Yorker, Sept. 14, 2014