The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) Customer Engagement Lab at the La Kretz Innovation Campus is a hands-on science center and educational space that engages the city’s residents.

Through 30+ exhibits, the Los Angeles public can learn how the LADWP produces and delivers clean water and electricity. Visitors can also learn how their monthly bill is calculated, what they can do to help conservation efforts, and how the city is working to lower utility costs. Additionally, the Lab is a space in which the LADWP showcases innovative technologies in development, such as their Microgrid and sustainable power production. The Customer Engagement Lab is a reflection on the LADWP’s unique status of the largest municipal utility in the U.S., and is designed to be a tool and resource for the residents of Los Angeles.

“We want to teach future generations that our natural resources are not infinite and must be cared for and managed effectively and efficiently so that we can continue to thrive as a city. We know that the La Kretz Innovation Campus will help in that effort through science education and exploration.” David H. Wright, LADWP’s General Manager

Developed with a commitment to sustainability, the La Kretz Innovation Campus is a living lab for new and emerging technologies, from electric vehicle chargers, rooftop solar panels, the cool pavement and micro-mobility pilots, and the storm water capture in the parking lot, to the microgrid that powers the facility. The campus also features the Customer Engagement and Sustainable Living Labs, an interactive exhibit space that showcases appliances and fixtures for visitors interested in learning about the latest in water and energy efficiency. The exhibits and interactive stations also highlight some of the things visitors can do at home and at work to be more sustainable to help fulfill the goals outlined in Mayor Garcetti’s Green New Deal Sustainable City pLAn.