Google Creative Lab Workspace 2.0

In 2015, Google invited Parc Office to propose a redesign of the company's Creative Lab in the Manhattan offices.

Parc created an editable, flexible system that would allow for infinite configurations within the space to best suit any work-space need. Furniture doubles as spatial devices, and possible arrangements are projected from the ceiling onto the floor. Drop down dividers allow for greater privacy and allow for flexible, on-demand spatial planning. Parc’s design proved that spaces can at once be creative and foster a greater sense of efficacy.

Day to Day: distinct environments meet the needs of each team

As an "API for space", the Office Programming Interface transforms the Lab's ceilings and floors into a system of hardware, empowering employees to easily reconfigure the workspace based on their specific meeting needs.

  • Sprint Setup: easily reconfigurable for sprints

  • The Maze: privacy as needed

  • The Forest: workplace as park