Driverless Future

Driverless Future is a system of smart, driverless truck cabs that infill unused parking space with simple pods to create pop-up spaces.

The 9’x27′ modular pods are available for city agencies, non-profits, local business and neighborhood individuals to create temporary events and pop-up spaces. The variety of colors and roof profiles loosely communicate their different uses while creating a lively streetscape. Parks, urban farms, public seating areas, and skate parks complement and connect the pods.

New York City is one of the fastest changing cities in the world- new neighborhoods pop up frequently, and change just as often. With the imminent introduction of driverless technology to New York City’s streets, thousands of square feet currently occupied by curbside parking could potentially return to the public realm. Parc Office’s unique, portable pods allow a wide variety of public spaces to travel to where they are most needed, and relocate as those needs change. The pods are primarily located on streets, so that avenues remain the city’s vehicular arteries.