Crosstown Concourse

Parc Office proposed digital interactive experiences for an arts building in Memphis, TN. The systems use Spacebrew, a dynamic interface and toolkit that provides feedback in real-time.

Wayfinding and Directory Kiosks

Traditional building signage is static, but Parc’s interactive wayfinding and directory kiosks allow for dynamic community engagement. When idle, screensaver-style overlays display Crosstown Concourse information and visual content from community members (artists, students, and community groups). When someone approaches the kiosk and activates its proximity sensors, the screen displays the building directory.

The Connecting Corridor: Node Based Camera Tracking

The connecting corridor between the Central and West Atria is outfitted with motion tracking that captures a broad swatch of information: the direction of a person’s travel, the speed of a person’s travel, the volume of people using the corridor, and peak travel times. Visuals running along the length of the corridor display this information, and change based on select variables such as the volume of people passing along the corridor, the time of day, or a calendar event. At peak travel times, the system shows simple wayfinding information.

West Atrium Stair Guardrail Activation

Motion tracking systems in the West Atrium stairs encourage people to take the stairs just for fun. The system gathers and showcases a variety of data, including the number of steps people take each day, the direction and speed of travel, and the cumulative distance or height that people have climbed. Visual outputs of the collected data is projection mapped onto the atrium’s staircase. Low density LED screens are embedded in the stair risers, and the railings double as a content halo.